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WHERE WE ARE -A Joint Online Exhibition 

Charuni Ranchigoda 

Neleisha Weerasinghe

24.10.2021 - 7.11.2021 


Where We Are is an expression of how Covid and the resulting lockdowns in our country have lent themselves to our art and the way we make it. It is a snapshot in time that aims to convey the many layered experiences that is our existence within this envelope of time, as artists and human beings.


Hello, here is my painting journal during Covid19, the second outbreak in Sri Lanka from July 2020 onwards.  I was actually isolated in two places, namely Wattegama & Walisara, both I call home. For me, painting during this time meant paying more attention to things and places that were mostly boring and ordinary. It also meant allowing spontaneous creativity to take hold rather than staring at spectacular scenery. Being inspired in this way meant feeling deeply grateful for where I am & the people I'm with.

It’s a time of great uncertainty and distress for us all but I chose to dwell on the positive things and count my blessings. And one such blessing is my dear friend Charu, she’s been my biggest fan and critique at the same time & I am thrilled to be hosting this exhibition together with her. She is a prolific writer, artist & a caring and sensitive soul, who I admire greatly.  I sincerely wish this combined series of work will be a message of hope.

Hope you enjoy the paintings and our meandering thoughts as well!

Stay Safe & Keep the Faith

Neleisha Weerasinghe 

Hi, I’m Charuni and I’m delighted to be exhibiting with Nelly with whom I share one of the longest and closest friendships in my life - we have been friends since fourth grade. I believe we discovered and explored art together in school. I’ve since watched with admiration and pride as she grew in leaps and bounds, always inspiring in her commitment to perfecting her craft. 

I’ve always been absorbed and enthralled by art and drawing and my practice in its current form began somewhere around 2017, following a few years of prolific writing, mostly to process grief and put my life back in some semblance of order since the passing of my father in 2009. I like to tell the story of my art and writing this way because I feel they’re tied inexorably with his passing. Both forms of expression have been life saving and life enriching for me.

I call my art Freeflow Art because they’re completely intuitive and of the moment. I draw as the work comes to me, without any pre planning, from the shapes and forms created, down to the colours and techniques used. It is freeflow for another reason. I started with things I had at hand - on a sketchbook that was a birthday present from my husband with some pens and pencils lying around at the time as a result of my profession as an architect.

The several lockdowns enforced in our country led me to rediscover my love for working with found material. Most of the pieces here are drawn on found board from boxes and packaging of various kinds. The experiences within my practice has led me to believe that we can create art wherever we are, with whatever we have. 


Charuni Ranchigoda

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