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custom seascape painting

My name is Neleisha Weerasinghe Jayamanne and I am largely a self-taught artist from Sri Lanka. I have been working as an artist / painter for more than 6 years. I hold a master’s degree in Business Administration & Marketing and Prior to painting full-time I was an Online Lecturer & Tutor for a leading Business School in the UK. 

I am drawn to the simple and natural surroundings of my beautiful country. I often use a painterly approach which highlights my love of texture and mark making. For me everything I try to paint comes to life when I push thick paint around with a knife on my painting surface. This is a consistent approach in my painting process in which I try to give importance to often the most mundane and simple things.

My paintings have often been described as being "Evocative, Aesthetically Beautiful and Expressive".

My online tag to follow : @artbyneleisha

Materials Used 
  • Paintings are done on Stretched Canvas or Canvas Panels

  • Sizes can vary 

  • Palette Knifes are used with the occasional brush strokes for detailing 

  • Textures are created with paint or with added mediums

Time frame for Custom Orders

2- 4 weeks


Can be between 30 - 600 USD 


Paintings can be shipped anywhere. Please allow an additional 2 weeks + $ to accommodate shipping. 

If you're in Sri Lanka, we can organise a pickup or a domestic delivery.




Kobo Art - Online Gallery

P.O. Box 334155, Dubai, UAE

+971 506254577

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